Cessna TU 206G F-GCSE

Cessna TU206G is a single engine high wing and fix landing gear.

The combination of a powerful engine, a rustic cell and a large cabin makes the 206 turbo Stationair an ideal platform for any type of aerial work and particularly aerial photogrammetry.








  • Max take-off weight: 1633kg
  • Empty mass: 990g
  • Fuel capacity: 445 l
  • Cruise speed: 140kt
  • Mini working speed: 90kt
  • Service ceiling: 8200m
  • Max long range: 1200km
  • Autonomy 8h
  • Fuel : AVGAS 100LL
  • Registered F-GCSE


Circular hatch Inner diameter 440mm


pdfC206 Datasheet