Aircrafts for hire

You have your own a sensor, lidar or any other system but you do not have an airplane equipped with a hatch …

APEI can provide you with one of the 8 aircrafts of our fleet as well as an experienced professionnal pilot.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we'll offer the appropriate aircraft for your particular project according to your budget and technical constraints ( flying altitude, acquisition speed, regulatory requirements, system dimensions, power consumption of your equipment …)

Example of mission

  • Fire Detection
  • Aerial television relay
  • Vertical shooting with the sensor of a third party (UCX Utracam, Leica ADS80...)
  • Oblique acquisition (Midas, Ultracam Osprey, Leica RCD30 ...)
  • Other types of aerial acquisitions (multispectral, batyhmetric)
  • Survey…



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