TerrainMapper 2

Last purshase for APEI, the TerrainMapper 2, which is going to help us with only LIDAR acquisition.


This sensor is indeed composed of a LiDAR Hyperion 2 system from Leica, which offers all the power and the scan panel available on the Hyperion 2+ of the CityMapper 2, less the photography part:

  • pulse frequency up to 2MHz (2 million emissions per second)
  • great power allowing to fly up to 5000m above the ground
  • circular scan mode ideal for modeling vertical surfaces (buildings, trees, pylons, poles)
  • Full Wave Form recording mode
  • management of very rough areas (Gateless mode)
  • up to 15 echoes per emission with a minimum distance of 30cm between 2 echoes
  • a perfect distribution of points (homogeneous density in the center and on the edges of the FOV)
  • a gyrostabilized platform to correct the imperfections of the flight