Leica DMC III Airborne Digital Camera

The DMC III camera is the first large format camera using CMOS sensor technology.


Thanks to forward motion compensation, this solution offers unprecedented image quality and the unparalleled geometric accuracy of a monolithic sensor.


APEI acquired the Leica Geosystems DMCIII camera in the spring of 2017.





The head of this camera contains a 375 Megapixel monolithic panchromatic sensor.

The new 92 mm focal length lens combined with a pixel size of 3.9 µm allows a ground resolution of 3cm/pixel (GSD) to be achieved.


The DMC III has a sensor measuring 25728 pixels by 14592 pixels.

 GSD (cm/pixel)  Flying height (m)
Swath width (m)
 3  708  772
 5  1179  1286 
 10  2359  2573
 15  3538  3859
 20  4718  5146
 25  5897  6432
 30  7077  7718




pdf  Datasheet DMCIII